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Here are some Web resources I found useful while researching these projects. Please tell me if any links are broken! Also let me know if you know of anything additional that might be useful.

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Discussion Areas

  • .HV Community has active discussions of high voltage and linear accelerator topics. This is where I hang out.
  • eFusion Consortium is a top-notch marketing and communications company in which I'm involved.


  • EasyEDA offers free online tools for electronic circuit design and circuit simulation using Spice and PCB design and Gerber tools. Also offers great prices on custom PCB manufacturing.
  • PCBWeb is a free CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.
  • MWS Wire provides all kinds of magnet wire, and has personally contacted me to say they are eager to sell small lots to hobbyists like us!
  • WireTron manufactures wires for electromagnets and other applications. They offer a handy piece of free software to help understand and choose magnet wire. Get it!
  • The general-purpose 2N2222 (or the plastic-case MPS2222, as Motorola produces it) is spec'd on the Fairchild site at: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/PN/PN2222A.pdf
  • Capacitor Testing and Safe Discharging by Samuel M. Goldwasser has a great deal of practical information about capacitors.
  • Tribology: Rtec Instruments specializes in design and manufacturing of high tech instruments such as tribometers, 3d profilometer, stress tester and atomic force microscope etc.

Finite-Element Analysis Programs

  • FEMM is a free package provided by Dr. David Meeker, and is an excellent choice for coilgun modelling.
  • The FEMM Tutorial by David Meeker (based on Ian Stokes-Rees tutorial) is an essential introduction to using FEMM.
  • QuickField by Tera Analysis does magnetic field plots for user-defined configurations. Highly graphical and relatively easy to set up 3d configurations. The student edition is a free 3MB download but the limit of 200 nodes will prevent you from solving real problems.
  • Solenoid Physlet is a Java applet for a novel visualization of the magnetic field around a solenoid. This is part of the Web Physics pages by Davidson College.
  • Field Precision creates 2D and 3D finite-element programs for electrostatics, magnet design, thermal transport, charged-particle devices, electromagnetic analysis and radiation transport in materials. The programs are moderately priced for consultants, universities and small companies.

Inductance Formulas

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