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Potential VHF rover sites in California's grid DM15. Be careful.
DM15 dimensions are 112.6 by 69.2 miles.
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Owl Hole, DM15nr30

Latitude, Longitude
35.710243, -116.889236
Map Location Near city of (city), San Bernardino County, CA, Altitude 4000
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Last update: 2021-02-05
Comments by: John NA6L

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John writes: We always wanted to go to this mountain top in Death Valley National Park, but 90 miles (round-trip pavement to pavement) of rough dirt roads discouraged us until we saw that plenty of operators needed DM15 for FFMA.

This site is a truly excellent VHF location but it is remote, very remote.

The mountain location was flattened to install a huge microwave relay station (now appears to be abandoned) and this gives a nearly 360* horizon which is especially good toward most of the nation with great drops offs in all directions. More like cliffs on all sides, actually.

The hiking in the area is great and you could even hike down into Wingate Wash, the site of an old monorail used for mining operations.

We camped overnight on top of the mountain and during the night the wind came up rocking the van. In the morning we reduced the Yagi to just 3 elements and shortened the mast by 5’ plus added guys. The site is so good that even a dipole would have worked.

73 John NA6L

Driving directions: Search "Owl Hole Spring road" for directions, advice and conditions. The dangerous roads website mentions frequent flooding, unexploded ordinance and military bases.

Restrictions: First nine miles a high-clearance vehicle is required, then becomes 4WD. A 4x4 is required for at least the last mile to the top but the views and operating location are worth it. Some of the road borders the Fort Irwin bombing/testing range and that makes for some very interesting observations.

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