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Potential VHF rover sites in California's grid DM23. Be careful.
DM23 dimensions are 115.3 by 69.2 miles.
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Picacho Peak, DM23nb95

Latitude, Longitude
33.063298, -114.834992
Map Location Near city of Imperial Gables, Imperial County, CA, Altitude 1700
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Last update: 2020-01-19
Comments by: Petr AG6EE

This is a large turnout and great place to park along Black Mountain Road high on the ridge.

Don't try to drive up to the very top - it has no additional benefit. This parking area is just a little bit lower and far from all the radio transmitter, and you have nice two row of hooks to secure antennas (there used to be something) and a portable toilet close by.

This is all BLM land, so no problem, the main mountain take only a small portion of clear visibility to SSE, but you can drive over the hill and setup on the other side should this be critical to your needs. This place turned to be noise free, with only some noise coming from El Centro and Desert Cities (Palm Springs etc.), but this is not a big deal, any station from these locations will be pretty close because then there is a water.

You will not feel completely alone there, there are always some technicians coming up the hill. The place would be hell hot in summer, that's for sure, but driving RV there could turn to be a very risky business.

Driving directions:

Approach from CA 78 and Black Mountain road you would notice place from far because there are countless number of radio towers - surely not the best place to operate from in DM23.

The road has two parts, the first unpaved which takes you through flats to wash, easily drive-able even in sport car, and the second half, paved road, with potholes 2 feet deep, which require 4WD and high clearance, it is total 5 mph hell.


Setup on top of the mountain is impractical - tons of radio equipment, high voltage lines etc., but before reaching the top, there is a small place to the left where used to be some equipment. You need a good tires and clearance to get there, but once there, you can find old attachment cables - part right in the middle and you have no issue to secure your antenna.

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