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Potential VHF rover sites in New Mexico's grid DM53. Be careful.
DM53 dimensions are 115.3 by 69.2 miles.
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Apache Creek, DM53rs00

Latitude, Longitude
33.755280, -108.536110
Map Location Near city of Apache Creek, Catron County, NM, Altitude (alt)
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Last update: 2021-02-09
Comments by: John NA6L

Apache Creek 1 Apache Creek 2 Apache Creek 3 Apache Creek 4 Apache Creek 5 Apache Creek 6 Apache Creek 7 Apache Creek 8 Apache Creek 9

John writes: This spot is along Five Springs Canyon, a reasonable camping area but without great elevation.

This was the first day of deer hunting season. After spending an entire day following many leads (some from nice locals) while looking for a "great" location we settled on a "suitable" spot to transmit. It was a long day and we were tired.

Five Springs Canyon has a reasonably clear horizon in most directions, is fairly easy to reach on dirt roads and we could camp there for the night. Not hearing too many gunshots was a definite plus. Being able to camp on site and prepare almost everything the night prior was very helpful for a predawn 6m MSK144 effort.

I put together an 8 element cellphone Yagi attached to an industrial sized cell booster system that we use in the boonies – but this location really does not have any service, at least on AT&T.

73 John NA6L and Denise KJ6JAL

Note this might seem to be a good waypoint on a possible route to Eagle Peak Lookout, DM53rq02sk (33.676778, -108.576931), but that road is gated off. Eagle Peak is not recommended.

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