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Potential VHF rover sites in New Mexico's grid DM55. Be careful.
DM55 dimensions are 112.6 by 69.2 miles.
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Bluewater Lake, DM55xh16

Latitude, Longitude
35.319570, -108.068230
Map Location Near city of (city), McKinley County, NM, Altitude 7570
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Last update: 2008-12-01
Comments by: James Duffey KK6MC

KK6MC: This is a good site which is easily accessible from I-40 by car. There is a fair amount of traffic on 412 going to and from Bluewater, but you can get far enough off the highway so it is not a problem.

This has good sight lines from the Southeast around to the West and from the Northwest around to the East. There isn't much topography higher to the east or west on the ridge, so propagation in those directions should be OK too. It is easy to work into Albuquerque and Los Alamos from here on all bands to at least 1296.

I have not operated from here when there was a lot of activity, but Stan, W5ZF has worked a lot of 6M sporadic-E from here to all over. There is not much VHF/UHF activity in DM55, so you will be in demand. I have operated twice from this site.

Source: New Mexico VHF Society, with more rover locations in NM at

Driving directions: From I-40 take the Prewitt exit 63, Highway 412.
Take 412 south towards Bluewater State Park.
You will steadily climb until you reach the top of the ridge, about 3 to 4 miles.
At the top of the ridge on the west side of the road is a cell tower.
Across the highway to the east is a long wide pullout area which is fairly level but a few feet lower than the road surface. Operate from there.

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