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Potential VHF rover sites in Colorado's grid DM58. Be careful.
DM58 dimensions are 108.2 by 69.2 miles.
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Delta Desert, DM58xs00

Latitude, Longitude
38.781778, -108.013561
Map Location Near city of (city), Delta County, CO, Altitude 5120
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Last update: 2021-02-17
Comments by: James Duffey KK6MC

Jay W9RM: One of the better sites for microwave work up to the Grand Mesa grid corner (DM58/59/68/69). This is a proven microwave site through 24 GHz to the top of the Mesa. It's also relatively high above average terrain and, better yet, almost deserted. Bring hydration of you're planning on staying here long in the summer.

This site is proven to produce microwave QSO's with the other three grids in this corner. This site has been used by rovers such as N0IO ( through 24 GHz), W7QQ and W0VOA. There is only one well set up VHF/UHF station in DM58 and that station (W9RM) is reachable on all bands from this location. There are NO other microwave stations in range, so bring a rover buddy or three.

This location is only minutes away from a excellent and accessible all-around location situated DIRECTLY on the DM58/DM68 grid line. This site is located about 2 miles east at the following coordinates: 38°46'30.1"N 107°59'59.9"W (38.775032, -107.999983). This location is accessed by turning right off CO highway 65 on to IRIS ROAD immediately after crossing the Gunnison River while heading north. Climb the hill and pull off at the 'U' bend. Use your GPS to access DM58 or DM68. DM58 requires you to pull over very close to the drop on the west – be careful ! This site still gives good sight lines to Grand Mesa and improves your horizon to the south.

Source: New Mexico VHF Society, with more rover locations in NM at

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