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Potential VHF rover sites in Nevada's grid DM73. Be careful.
DM73 dimensions are 115.3 by 69.2 miles.
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Valley of Fires, DM73aq94

Latitude, Longitude
33.684067, -105.922014
Map Location Near city of (city), (county) County, NM, Altitude 5200
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Last update: 2021-04-06
Comments by: Gene KB7Q

Valley of Fires 1 Valley of Fires 2 Valley of Fires 3

Valley of Fires Recreation Area (link) is located adjacent to the Malpais Lava Flow. Approximately 5,000 years ago, Little Black Peak erupted and flowed 44 miles into the Tularosa Basin, filling the basin with molten rock. The resulting lava flow is four to six miles wide, 160 feet thick and covers 125 square miles. The lava flow is considered to be one of the youngest lava flows in the continental United States.

This is an interesting diversion on the long cross-state journey on US 54. From El Paso to Santa Rosa on I-40 is 270 miles on a route which passes much barren scenery of grassy prairie, stark mountains and sandy desert.

Amenities range from tent camping to RV hookups at good prices. You can get mains power and water at half price, $9 a night, with a Senior pass.

Restrictions: First-come first-served campsites.

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