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Grid Square DN01

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Potential VHF rover sites in Nevada's grid DN01. Be careful.
DN01 dimensions are 103.6 by 69.2 miles.
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Fox Mtn, DN01fa35

Latitude, Longitude
41.024425, -119.558218
Map Location Near city of Gerlach, Washoe County, NV, Altitude 8145
Map See Google map, Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2020-mm-dd
Comments by: Al White W7KHD

Fox Mtn is a high peak just SE of Duck Lake Valley, NV. Has a good 360 take off, maybe because of the lack of any other mountains that are taller or close. There are communications towers up there, but they are all solar, I think.

Driving directions: Old Camp Canyon Rd is normally in pretty good shape.

Restrictions: The wind blows hard up there.

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