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Potential VHF rover sites in Montana's grid DN68. Be careful.
DN68 dimensions are 91.6 by 69.2 miles.
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Fort Peck, DN68sa00

Latitude, Longitude
48.003396, -106.496388
Map Location Near city of (city), Valley County, MT, Altitude 2400
Map See Google map, Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2020-01-27
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

This is a wide spot along Montana Hwy 24 with a few (very few!) amenities. It's at the north end of Fort Peck Lake, about 5 miles from Hwy 2.

The Lakeridge Motel just might be amenable, if I ask nicely, to let me use the back lot to set up my rover station. This would be out of the way from the road and yet close by a room to rent, gas station and diner.

Alternatively, there is Roundhouse Point Camping at DN68sa75ct (48.02418, -106.440934).

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