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KITT Car Schematic

schematic diagram of KITT car lights

Parts List

R0 / R5 - 2.2K ohm resistor (six required)
R6 - 2.2K ohm resistor
R7 - 1.0K ohm resistor
R8 - 5K ohm linear taper potentiometer (for speed control)
R9 - 1K ohm (for pilot light)

C1 - three 4.7 uF capacitors in parallel

Lamp 0 / 5 - incandescant 50 mA 12v dc panel light (six required)
LED1 - red pilot light

Q0 / Q5 - 2n2222 npn transistor (six required) (e.g. Jameco 38236PS)
U1 - NE555 timer (e.g. Jameco 27422)
U2 - CD4017 decade counter decoder (e.g. Jameco 12749CM)
S1 - spst switch (for on/off switch)

4-pin PC power connector (for 12v connection)
8-pin IC socket (for NE555 timer chip) (e.g. Jameco 683104)
16-pin IC socket (for CD4017 counter) (e.g. Jameco 683121)
old CD-ROM drive (for the case)
solid core hookeup wire
circuit board
Dremel moto-tool

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