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Coilgun Overview

On May 22nd, 2013, Openly Disruptive hosted my web presentation of coilgun technology.
I provide my slides and notes here for a quick introduction to what's been done and what happens next.

Discovery Channel Coilgun

Click here to download my presentation notes (11 MB) or view the slides.

This is a quick introduction to my years of work to launch objects using nothing but magnetic fields.

Openly Disruptive

Openly Disruptive is all about people exploring the junction where ideas, technology, and context meet in our evolving world. They embrace creativity and innovation in all their forms as tools that empower us.

Based in St. Louis, Openly Disruptive provides community events and web presentations about fresh ideas and practicing innovation for business and recreation.

"The future will be what we make it." - Chief Instigator Dan Reus.

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