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Resume of Barry Hansen


  • Expert web developer and systems management engineer.
  • Experienced C++ developer, experienced with Microsoft Windows and AS/400 software design and communication protocols. Proficient with MSVC, HTML, XML, XSLT, CVS, Apache, Perforce, and other tools.
  • Experienced in all phases of high-reliability commercial software development cycle: requirements, specification, design, implementation, localization, build, debug, test and maintenance.
  • Excellent communication skills. Delivered classes on product features, communications protocols, trace reading, and AS/400 usage. Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team member.

Work Experience

  • Electromagnetic Software
    Owner and Web Developer
    Seattle, Washington
    January 2006 - date

    Web developer, photographer, web hosting expert.
  • Content Solutions, Inc (link)
    Systems Engineer
    Seattle, Washington
    March 2003 - 2007

    Web developer for start-up company with our own CMS (content management system) software. Write and maintain HTML, XML, CML (content markup language), JavaScript and CSS. Also maintain Ant builds, network, backup, wiring, security, servers, etc. Tools include IntelliJ, NetBeans, Ant and CVS
  • eFusion Consortium (link)
    Palm Desert, California
    June 2004 - date

    Web developer and graphics editor for a top-tier marketing communications company.
  • WRQ, Inc. (link)
    Senior Software Engineer
    Seattle, Washington
    1997 - 2003

    C++ Software developer responsible for proposing, designing, implementing and maintaining features for the award-winning 'Reflection for IBM'. Worked on all major components of the product, developing emulator software for Windows 9x, NT and XP. Wrote 5250 and 3270 datastream-parsing code, file transfer, object manager and automatic unit tests. Also worked closely with QA and Tech Support for quality fixes. Tools included Visual Studio, Perforce, and makefile build systems.
  • Attachmate Corp. (link)
    Senior Software Engineer
    Bellevue, Washington
    1993 - 1997

    Technical team leader and software developer for the 5250 component of 'EXTRA! for Windows for IBM'.
  • IBM
    Staff Software Engineer
    Rochester, Minnesota
    1980 - 1993

    Team leader and developer for Office/400 name and address directory shadowing. Wrote APPC communications code and AS/400 system code using PLMI and REXX code. Designed and tested VLSI chips for a microcontroller. Wrote assembly and PLS/286 code for Intel processor in the original IBM PC.
  • Hewlett-Packard
    Production Engineer
    Boise, Idaho

    Support the manufacturing production line of the HP-2635 dot matrix impact printer, solving both hardware and software issues. Coordinate improvements with the design engineering team.


  • US 4899274 "Dynamic Terminal Address Allocation By The Terminal Itself"




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