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About Barry Hansen (@barryha)

You most likely clicked the URL in my Twitter profile to read this - let me give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

Barry Hansen, December 2008 My name is Barry Hansen and I'm the guy behind Barry's Coilgun Design Site and the @barryha twitter account.

I'm a 68 year old native of Seattle, Washington. I am married to Juanita and together we have three children (born 1985, 1988 and 1991). The current outlook is that two kids will graduate in electrical engineering and one in computer science. My day job is web development in my small company Electromagnetic Software.

Barry on Twitter

You are apparently interested in Twitter because you've probably clicked through on my Twitter Profile link. I'd love to connect with you there via @barryha twitter account.

If you follow @barryha you'll get a variety of things. My goal on Twitter is to attract and follow web developers that will broaden my professional experience. Secondarily, I share electronics projects and coilgun development status. Finally, Twitter provides social activities and interaction while I work in my home office and you'll find some silly things posted from time to time. I enjoy a keen sense of the absurd.

Connect with Me

Thanks for visiting my about page - if you've not already don't forget to follow me on Twitter so we can interact there. I'm also relatively active on other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and 4HV.

By some chance, do you have a coilgun or electronics question? The best forum by far to reach me and other experienced electronics hobbyists is the high voltage 4HV.org board! You may also send me e-mail but electrical type questions will enjoy a better, faster and more thorough answer on 4HV.

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