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Yaesu FT-897 to Linear Amplifier

I need to build the control cables between a Yaesu FT-897d and an Icom PW-1 linear amplifier. What is the PTT wiring? What are the ALC pin connections?

CAT/Tuner/Linear Jack Pinout

The rear-panel CAT/Linear jack is an 8-pin, miniature DIN type, with the "TX GND" pin providing a closure to ground on transmit, for T/R control of your linear amplifier.

Yaesu's "TX GND" is the "PTT" output pin. Use "TX GND" together with "GND" for the PTT signal to the amplifier.

8-pin Mini-DIN cat/linear pinout for FT-897D

8-pin Mini-DIN for FT-897d


FT-897 ALC

The ACC jack is a miniature stero type (physically identical to a stereo headphone jack). The connections are:

  • Tip = external ALC input capability
  • Ring = when closed to ground, places the FT-897 into transmit mode, and sends a steady CW carrier for amplifier (or antenna tuner) purposes
  • Shaft = ground return


How well does it work?

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