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FLDIGI and Icom IC-7100 Config Setup

Icom IC-7100

Here's how I successfully configured the IC-7100 for Fldigi in November 2013.
I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. Also see IC-7100 Info Pages by Jim W4WWJ.

Download USB Drivers

  • The latest drivers can always be downloaded from here.
    Look for IC-7100 > USB Driver Utility
  • Read the USB Driver Installation Guide
  • I really do recommend reading the installation instructions.
  • Device Manager ports after installing USB drivers for Icom IC-7100 USB Driver Software, v1.20, 2013/08/01
  • Run the USB Driver installation package before connecting the USB cable for the first time.
  • Unzip USB Driver ZIP first, or the installation will fail.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Connect the USB cable, then power on the IC-7100.
  • Start the Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT)
  • Make note of driver name "Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge"
  • Make note of your port numbers (COM4 and COM5).

Download Fldigi Software

IC-7100 settings for CI-V and Fldigi

Configure IC-7100

Hint: Set > Connectors > CI-V

  • CI-V Baud Rate = 19200
  • CI-V Address = 88h
  • CI-V Transceive = Off
  • Mode = USB-D
  • Data on Mod = USB
  • Data Mod = USB
  • USB Mod Level = some suitable value, say 30%

How to configure Fldigi for IC-7100

Configure Fldigi

  • Note that COM ports cannot be shared between programs. Do not try using flrig and rigcat concurrently.
  • Run Fldigi
  • Configure station info: Configure > Operator
  • Configure interface: Configure > Rig Control
    Click Initialize, Save, Close.
  • Turn off RigCAT and Hamlib -- instead, RPC will communicate internally to Flrig which provides CAT control.

How to configure Flrig for IC-7100

Configure Flrig

  • Hint: Config > Xcvr select
  • Rig = IC-7100
  • Ser Port = COM4
  • Baud = 19200
  • Click Init, Close

Run Programs

  • Exit both programs
  • Start Fldigi
  • Start Flrig
  • It should connect to both the transceiver and fldigi.
  • Fldigi's waterfall should display what is heard.
  • Flrig's frequency readout should track changes in the 7100's tuning knob.
  • The 7100's frequency display should track changes you make in Flrig's frequency.
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