Barry's Coilguns

All You See Is a Big Gray Box?

This program uses Swing and requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or above. The current version is Java SE Version 7 Update 55 as of May 2014 and these applets are 100% compatible.

If you see a red "X", you should update your JRE. You can download the latest from and scroll to the "Standard Edition" section. Download and install the JRE, or if you write Java code then get the Java developer's kit (JDK) instead.

Do NOT install "Ask Toolbar" nor the "Ask" search provider and definitely NOT allow "Ask" to set your home page.

To manage Java settings, use Control Panel > Java. Recommended:

  • Advanced tab: Show console
  • Miscellaneous tab: Place Java icon in system tray

To run local Java applets on Windows, you need to adjust security settings:

  • Open Control Panel > Java
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click "Edit Site List.."
  • Add an exception for each local page that contains Java
  • For example:
    Java Security Exceptions

If my applet still doesn't work, open your Java Console window in your web browser. Copy and paste its contents into a message and e-mail it to me for trouble-shooting. The first few lines are especially useful since it identifies your version of Java.

About the Programs

The program was originally written with NetBeans 3.5.1, (a free download) using Swing classes. The source code is freely available in these files:

Comments and feature requests are invited! Send them to Barry.

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