Magnetic Levitation

Construction of LNS Tech Kit

What comes in the box? How difficult is assembly?


I spent 2 hours building the kit, working carefully and double-checking every step. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. All parts fit precisely together, and no rework or adjustments were needed.

In the spirit of wildly over-documenting a simple process, here are photographs of kit assembly. Please keep in mind this is a single sample of the kit, and LNS Technologies has the right to make minor changes at any time.

Photo of box at arrival

How the box arrives.

Come on, you've seen boxes arrive in the mail before!

Photo of box contents

After removing the packing foam, we lift the lid to find...

there were no snakes on the plane.

Exploded view of box contents

Exploded (boom!) view of box interior.

Everything is neatly packed with individual zip-lock bags, each with a parts list for identification. This made it particularly easy to check the packing list and locate any particular particle.

photo of half-finished project

Bag 1 has fourteen resistors.

2n2222 transistor
Bag 2 has capacitors, transistors, diodes and optoelectronics.
Bag 3 has two printed circuit boards and semiconductors

Bag 3 has two printed circuit boards, power transistors and the op-amp chip.

Bag 4 has the potentiometer and hardware

Bag 4 has the potentiometer, lifting coil, globe and assembly hardware.

Photo of parts stuffed onto circuit board

Parts are loaded, and ready for soldering.

I double-checked that each part matched its printed board label. And I triple-checked resistors with an ohmmeter.

Bottom view of parts on circuit board

Although you are instructed to solder each component as it is loaded, I inserted all of them before beginning to solder. This permits an easy adjustment if parts are missing or left over. And it allows the soldering iron to stay cleaner with constant use, instead of turning black during a long pause between solder joints.

front view of finished project mounted in a computer

Almost complete, just a couple screws remaining.

front view of finished project mounted in a computer


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