Magnetic Levitation

Electronics Now, Feb 1996

Thirty years after Popular Electronics published a levitator, Electronics Now offers an updated design. The transistor count went up from three to six, and added two op-amps. However, this design includes a number of improvements such as easy-to-find modern components, and overheating protection. I found this article especially helpful, as it provided the idea for lead compensation to achieve stability.

There are two ways to read this article: an easy-to-read HTML version, or the original pages scanned from the magazine. Please let me tell me of errors in my HTML conversion so I can correct them. This article is reprinted by permission from the author, David Williams.

Photo of levitator(HTML Pages) Electromagnetic Levitator

Build this electromagnetic levitator, and you can defy gravity and make objects float in mid air!

(Scanned Pages) Electromagnetic Levitator

Introduction Schematic Chassis Construction Overall diagram Conclusion

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