Magnetic Levitation

Visual Levitation

Do you want to levitate something for display such as for a trade show? Do you want the levitator that holds the most weight with the best stability and largest gap at a reasonable price?

Visual Levitation kit of parts You want the Visual Leviation kit. But sadly, this product is no longer for sale, and the manufacturer's web sites have been removed. You can try the original site and a newer site by Aussie Magnets, but they were not responding in December 2005.

This chapter reviews the device, gives some of the designer's background, and provides some design information. My intention is to show what's possible with levitation, and build popular support for bringing this kit back into production.

Visual Levitation Kit

Here is what we know...

You can help, too -- let me know if you find more information on the web about Visual Levitation!

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