Magnetic Levitation

The Visual Levitation Inventor

The world's best levitation device was designed by Dr. Shirazee of Cardiff, Wales.

Dr. Nabeel Shirazee

Dr. Shirazee The Visual Levitation device was invented by Dr. Nabeel Shirazee, shown here in a school photo with his levitator. (I think he was 28 in 1996.)

Dr. Shirazee is currently the Research Director of Electronica Products Ltd in Cardiff, formed in 1999 to create custom printed circuit boards. But would you be surprised to hear they also have a new design for high-torque variable-speed electric motors?

Dr. Shirazee He is shown at right in 2003 receiving an award from the Welsh Development Agency for his work on electric motors.

He took his first degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Leicester University and then moved to Cardiff University where he obtained his MSc and PhD in Electrical & Electromagnetic Engineering.

His research work covered new types of magnetic lifting devices. His original work on magnetic levitation was patented and achieved fame with the award of nine gold medals at invention and new-product exhibitions world wide. (Source: ZoomInfo)

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