Magnetic Levitation

Schematic for LNS Technologies Levitator

Schematic diagram of LNS Technologies levitator

This schematic is nearly identical to the 1996 Electronics Now schematic. The primary differences are:

  1. Added a diode bridge, to avoid any chance of reversing the connection and destroying the 78L09 regulator. Now the full-wave rectifier will always deliver the correct polarity to the regulator. The added bridge makes this look like a classic AC to DC rectifier circuit, but the bridge is only to allow the 12VDC to work regardless of the connection's polarity.
  2. The pnp transistor Q1 was changed to a TIP42. This transistor allows more maximum current to the coil.
  3. The assembly has been simplified by using two PC boards. The result is a lower parts cost and the savings have been passed on to customers ($49 versus the old price of $75 US).
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