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Using Meteor Scatter with IC-7100

Here is the setup process for using the Icom IC-7100 with FSK441 for meteor scatter.

  1. Read meteor scatter characteristics for the characteristics of meteor scatter.
  2. Read installation page to install and configure software.
  3. This page describes daily operation after everything has been installed and configured.

Basically, WSJT is just another digital mode. But there are some quirks to using the IC-7100 and to running meteor scatter effectively. Here is a checklist to the daily startup and operating procedure.

Run Programs

Adjust Audio Receive Chain

  • Tune to 50.260 MHz or 144.140   (standard calling frequencies)
  • Turn antenna toward initial direction   (direction affects background noise level)
  • Adjust IC-7100 audio levels   (the goal is 0 dB indication on WSJT):
    1. Check antenna connection   (lack of antenna lowers the noise level by 20 dB)
    2. Set > Connectors > Acc/USB AF Level   (typically 34%)
    3. Mode "USB-D"
    4. Set RF gain level
  • Adjust computer audio input levels:
    1. Set default input device:
      Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Recording > Select "USB Audio CODEC"
    2. Set input level to 100%

Adjust Audio Transmit Chain

  • Set computer sound output level:
    • Open Volume Mixer in system tray
    • Select device "Speakers USB Audio CODEC"
    • Start sending CQ and adjust speaker slider until ALC just barely reaches 9
    • Typically, my volume setting is 13
    • Mute "System Sounds" output
    • Mute "Speakers" output
  • Set WSJT9 to use PTT Port = 11, PTT Line = RTS
  • Set CAT7200 to use Application port = COM11, CAT port = COM9
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