Magnetic Levitation

Schematic of Magnetic Ball Levitator


Schematic of magnetic ball levitator

Parts List for the Magnetic Ball Levitator

IC1 LM7812 l2-volt regulator, integrated circuit
IC2 LM324 quad op-amp, integrated circuit
Q1 IRF510 MOSFET transistor
Q2 NPN phototransistor (Radio Shack 276-145 or equivalent)
LED1 Infrared light-emitting diode (Radio Shack 276-142 or equivalent)
BR1 Full-wave bridge rectifier, 4-ampere, 50-PIV
Dl GI750 silicon rectifier diode (can be substituted by any 4-ampere, 50-volt unit)
(All fixed resistors are ¼-watt, 5% units, except where otherwise noted)
Rl, R3, R5 10,000-ohm
R2 10,000-ohm potentiometer
R4 270-ohm
R6 50,000-ohm potentiometer
R7 0.47-ohm, 5-watt, 10%
R8 1OOO-ohm
C1 10-µF 50-WVDC, electrolytic
C2 1µF, 5O-WVDC, electrolytic
C3 5900-µF 30-WVDC, electrolytic
C4 3.3µF, 5O-WVDC, electrolytic
L1 Magnet coil (see text)
T1 117-VAC to 25-VAC, 2-ampere power transformer
M1 DC voltmeter, 0- to 15-volt range
F1 Thermal-protector fuse (Radio Shack 270-1322 or equivalent)
F2 1-ampere fuse
PL1 6-connector power plug
PL2 2-termina1 AC plug
SO1 6-connector power socket
S1 SPST switch
Perforated board
Project enclosure
Metal globe
SIP socket
2 orange juice can lids
Heat sink measuring 3 X 4 X 1½ inches (JDR Microdevices HS192OOOB or equivalent)
½-inch-diameter PVC tubing
1-inch-diameter PVC coupling
2-inch-long l0-24 bolts
Magnet-core nail (12-inches long by 3/4-inch diameter)
Metal epoxy
Magnet pin (3/4-inch length of coathanger wire)
520 feet of 22-gauge magnet wire
Power cord, wire, solder, hardware, etc.

This article is reprinted from Popular Electronics, May 1996.

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