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1 location - Ocean Mains

Potential VHF rover sites in BC grid CO50. Be careful.
CO50 dimensions are 87.9 by 69.2 miles.
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Ocean Mains, CO50uo65

Latitude, Longitude
50.605700, -128.281750
Map Location Near city of San Josef Bay, County, BC, Altitude 60
Map See Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2003-10-06
Comments by: Mike K7MDL

Ocean Main (logging road) was selected since it was on a low hillside, had been clear cut some years back, and accessible. This road is the means to get to Raft Cove Provincial Park. Also in CO50, Winter Harbor is a fishing vacation town to the south and may have possibilities.

Tall thin trees prevent an unobstructed view and the road end was becoming overgrown in 2003. For 2M this sight should work, but nothing was heard Friday night before the contest, including Tofino Coast Guard Radio. It is quite distant from civilization which may make conventional voice contact difficult. Digital modes may be worth a try as well as meteor scatter. Setting up a schedule with Alaska may be worth trying.

There are a small number of primitive campsites nearby with an outhouse all not far from water edge down the bluff.

Driving directions:
To get there, you have to travel an all-gravel logging road 2 hours from Port Hardy - it is about 50 miles each way.

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