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Grid Square CO80

1 location - Hurley River

Potential VHF rover sites in BC grid CO80. Be careful.
CO80 dimensions are 87.9 by 69.2 miles.
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Hurley River, CO80lo73

Latitude, Longitude
50.597820, -123.018830
Map Location Near city of Pemberton, County, BC, Altitude 4530
Map See Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2021-09-13
Comments by: Mark VE7AFZ

This site has promise at least on 50 Mhz towards the lower mainland and PNW and beyond. Will have try 144 Mhz and perhaps 222 on a subsequent visit.

Access was fairly easy to this large pull out beside a mainline BC logging road. The space is more than wide enough to accommodate both a ham radio setup and another vehicle using the pull out to handle two-way traffic.

It was a busy area with hunters, hikers, dirt bikers, bicyclists, 4x4ers, etc. There's a fire pit there which implies people have camped here.

There might be a few other spots within a Km or so to the South that might be as good or better, but site I parked in was vacant and seemed ok.

Restrictions: Bring tire chains. Mark VE7AFZ has encountered snow in September in prior years.

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