Rover Location Database

Data Check for United States

This page checks the structural integrity of the United States Rover Location Database.
Any problems shown below are automatically sent to the webmaster. If you notice a problem lingering awhile or if you have an update to offer, please tell

The United States rover location database currently has 517 entries in 20 states, near 333 cities in 149 counties.

Unit Test Distance Calculation Functions

  1. Distance Mismatch by 2.078 miles: CO89aa00-CO99aa00 returned 71.248625046071 but expected 69.171
  2. Distance Mismatch by 2.077 miles: CO89aa00-CP80aa00 returned 69.170888915039 but expected 71.248

County Names

  1. CN82vw Watchman Overlook, OR: Fix placeholder county name: (county)
  2. CN88ik Mt Tolmie, BC: Missing county name
  3. DN78nd Riverview Cemetary, MT: Fix placeholder county name: (county)
  4. FN45eb Hereford Summit, QC: Missing county name
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