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1 location - Mt Kobau

Potential VHF rover sites in BC grid DN09. Be careful.
DN09 dimensions are 89.8 by 69.2 miles.
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Mt Kobau, DN09dc97

Latitude, Longitude
49.113271, -119.673197
Map Location Near city of Cawston, County, BC, Altitude 5900
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Last update: 2008-05-26
Comments by: Paul K7CW

Mt Kobau 1

Mt Kobau has a scenic view from a high spot northwest of Lake Osoyoos in the southern part of the Canadian Okanogan.

Driving directions:

The road is well marked from the highway and is 12 miles of gravel to the viewpoint. In the photo, the U.S.-Canada border can be seen on the far right, above the lake. You can see Lake Osoyoos in the photo.

Per VE7FO, the junction of highway and road up the mountain is N 49 deg 04.874' min, W 119 deg 35.679 min, and the Parking lot at the top is N 49 deg 06.791 min W 119 deg 40.401 min.

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