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Most Wanted Washington Grid Squares

Are you thinking of making a 6-meter or VHF grid expedition in Washington State?
Here are the state's 18 grid squares, organized from most-wanted to most-common.
Current as of May 22, 2012.

Most Wanted Middle Grids Most Common
Grid % Leaders Need Grid % Leaders Need Grid Near
CN77 39% CN76 9% CN85 Portland
DN08 27% DN07 9% CN86 Centralia
CN78 23% DN16 9% CN87 Seattle
DN18 20% CN95 7% CN88 Bellingham
CN98 16% CN97 7% CN96 Yakima
    DN05 7% DN17 Spokane
    DN06 2%    

Data sources:

The rankings are done according to survey responses by active VHF grid-chasers. The respondents were selected by having confirmed 200 or more grid squares. The three columns are relative to all 488 grid squares in the contiguous 48 states.

This survey is based on data from the Fred Fish Memorial Award leaders. As such, it does not represent just the Washington State population. Furthermore, it is only for 6-meter activity; we expect the 2-meter wanted-list to be similar but no data is available.

The FFMA "needed grid list" is incrementally updated over time. It will churn as the most needed grids are activated and the leaders are satisfied, and as the population gains new people joining the ranks on the leader board.

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