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VHF DesertFest, Ely, NV
May 22-23, 2021

Ely, Nevada

My new wonder wagon needed a shake-down cruise, so I simply had to drive it to Ely (pronounced “eee-lee” not “eee-lie”) Nevada and back again to Seattle with detours for picking up stuff and scouting hilltops, making a 2,200-mile round trip.

The conference was about VHF tall tales and good-natured ribbing, no program attached, and basically revolved around show’n tell. This was great: at no other VHF conference has there been so much about what I like to do: activate rare grid squares on 6m.

Most folks had arrived by Friday evening 5/21 and the One Free Drink coupons at Hotel Nevada copiously redeemed.

On Saturday we all drove ten miles south to a hillside campground for show’n tell station setup. Amazing how differently we solve the same challenges. Four people put up stations: Petr AG6EE with his water-cooled battery-powered KW amp and military surplus mast and 6-el 6m beam, all manpack portable. His antenna is artwork in aluminum and neodymium magnets. James K7KQA with quick-deploy KW station run by a 10 KW (!) diesel generator. Mark KE7MSU has mastered the Subaru-sized station. Barry K7BWH with his comfortable 4x4 camper van kilowatt and a 6m5.

Saturday evening was in the banquet room with pizza and wings, and Jay N1AV showed off his big new silver-fabric portable microwave dish that packs into a 4’ airline bag, which is destined soon for Hawaii.

Big thanks to James K7KQA for organizing this!

73 Barry K7BWH

DesertFest attendees (15)

Back row: Curt WR5J, Mark KE7MSU, James K7KQA
Front row: John AA5PR, Jack W0XR, Jim W7OUU, Petr AG6EE, Doug NR5W, Gene W7JCJ
Kneeling: Dave NJ7P, Barry K7BWH
Not shown: Mia, Jay N1AV, Tom N7GP, Doug K7EME DesertFest Group Photo

Awards That I Just Now Invented

Most Portable Station: Mark KE7MSU

Oldest Attendee: Jack W0XR

Biggest Portable Microwave Dish: Jay N1AV

Best Custom T-Shirt: Jack W0XR

Greatest Distance Traveled: Barry K7BWH, 2200 miles

Bestest Tallest Portablest Mast: Petr AG6EE

Petr AG6EE, Dave NJ7P

Most Impressively Breathtakingly Capable Portable Station: Petr AG6EE

Best Water-Cooled SSPA: Petr AG6EE

Petr AG6EE

Quickest Setup Time: James K7KQA

Jack W0XR, Mark KE7MSU, James K7KQA

Most Cluttered Truck: James K7KQA

James K7KQA

Loudest Generator: James K7KQA

James K7KQA

Most Comfortable Station: Barry K7BWH

Barry K7BWH

Most Surprising Unannounced Attendee: John AA5PR

Doug NR5W, Dave NJ7P, John AA5PR

Best Dressed: Jim W7OUU and Gene W7JCJ

Jim W7OUU Gene W7JCJ
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