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K7BWH: EM87, June 2018

Barry K7BWH and Rod WE7X will activated rare grid square DN08 in the June 2018 VHF Contest. This page reviews our planning and results.

We spent the June 9-10 in DN08 (northeast Washington state) during the contest, and then I traveled aloneeastward starting Monday, June 11. We'll find mountaintops through southern Idaho with stops in DN22-23, DN32-33, and DN42-43. Then I'll continue solo through about 35 grid squares to FM15 on the North Carolina coast.

If all goes as planned then I'll knock on Craig K9CT's door and collect my pizza. :-)

This is a cross-country expedition in three parts:

  1. DN08 Expedition, ARRL VHF Contest, June 9-10 (link)
  2. Southern Idaho, DN22-23, DN32-33, and DN42-43, June 12-14 (link)
  3. Coast-to-coast grid trip, Idaho to North Carolina (link)

EM87 = Eastern Kentucky

<why is EM87 rare>

Results EM87


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