Magnetic Levitation

Other Fun Levitation Systems

There are many ways to magnetically levitate objects. Here are some fun devices and methods that I've seen!

The best kit! Levitation kit from LNS Technologies LNS Technologies Levitation Kit is the cheapest way tobuild your own! (read my review)
The simplest! Guy Marsden's magnetic levitation kit Guy Marsden's Levitation Kit is built on a single fan controller chip!
The best! Self assembly kit The Visual Levitation kit (read my review)
Very strong! Peter Terren Peter Terren's Magnetic Levitation Mk II holds up a big wrench!
Do it yourself! Hover Engine The Levitation Engine kit is an inexpensive start 
Completely free! Maglev over hard drive Float your own Magnet over a hard drive (free!)
Fun toy! Levitron The Levitron antigravity spinning top
Cheap and cheesy Identified flying object Go to Edmund Scientific and search for "levitation"
Executive toys Sir Time Benda SirTimeBenda has levitating globes and executive toys for sale 
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