Magnetic Levitation

Maglev Printed Circuit Board

Want to save time? Want to eliminate wiring errors? If you're experienced in fabricating a printed circuit board, here are some good plans!

This PCB was designed, built and tested by Amadeus and he's done a great job! It makes a tidy and permanent assembly, used instead of a hand-wired breadboard.

PCB Solder Mask

Copper side of printed circuit board

PCB Component Layout

Component side of printed circuit board

Important Notes

These full size images are shown at 200% scale. You should reduce it to actual size before printing it to a photo-resist material. The part numbers refer to the schematic.

The PCB allows you to jumper the +12v and +15v power lines together. This can save you the expense of the third power supply, but it can also introduce the high-power switching noise into your delicate control circuits. So I don't recommend connecting them. Your mileage may vary, so first make it work with an independent +12v supply, and then see if it still works after connecting the jumper and using just +/- 15v supplies.

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