Magnetic Levitation

Setup and Adjustment

Let me suggest what order to make your adjustments. The next several web pages work methodically from beginning to end through the electronics, to give you detailed instructions for troubleshooting and adjustment.

Just click Navigation arrowat the top right, and follow the bouncing ball!

How Do You Make It Work?

It's easiest to start at the left of the schematic and work your way toward the right.

This information was distilled from many e-mails exchanged with people building the levitator. Thanks for writing to me about all your problems. In this way, your difficulties are very helpful to the next person!

Read this: Important! Don't be in a hurry. You need to get each part working correctly before moving to the next stage. There is no point in connecting the lifting coil until you have proved that every single stage is doing its job.

Is this for you? This troubleshooting section is written for people with some experience with electronics. If you are a high-school student building this, then you will need a local mentor to help. Although I'm happy to answer questions, I have not been very successful at fixing a levitator via e-mail. I'm just a hobbyist doing this in my spare time; I'm not able to write about introductory electronics and how to read schematics and how to take measurements.

Checklist for Testing

Note: Disconnect the lifting coil from the power supply for safety as you follow these steps. The next several pages provide details about every stage,

If you are extremely fortunate, after these steps your Antigravity Relay will work! Or you can skip ahead and read about my results.

Do you still have problems? Or have you solved problems that I forgot to mention? Send me your questions and comments, along with detailed information about the symptoms and what you've tried, and I'll update these pages to help the next person.

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