Magnetic Levitation

Other People's Projects

The woodworking page is a simple approach, but many other arrangements work equally well (and most of them look better than mine!).

Other People's Projects

Here are some photos I've received from other people that built a levitator. I hope this will give you some creative ideas.

Send me a picture of your own project! I'll add it here, and I'm willing to link to any site you want. Thanks :-)

Plexiglass is attractive and professional, and the schematic helps you debug and makes a wonderful visual aid. (Daniel Adolf) Thin plywood is easy to work with. Enclosed electronics make a clean display.
Daniel Adolf's levitator
Wood frame
Fancy box levitator
The box is not needed if you mount the emitter and detector close together. A simple metal frame works just fine.  
Wood frame
Metal frame levitator
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