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Potential VHF rover sites in ID's grid DN34. Be careful.
DN34 dimensions are 98.6 by 69.2 miles.
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Lemhi Pass, DN34gx65

Latitude, Longitude
44.981587, -113.446326
Map Location Near city of Tendoy, Lemhi County, ID, Altitude 7550
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Last update: 2015-06-22
Comments by: Lance W7GJ

Lemhi Pass 1 Lemhi Pass 2 Lemhi Pass 3 Lemhi Pass 4

Lemhi Pass is a ridge on the border of Idaho and Montana, on the northern edge of DN34. It has a good view of the horizon in all directions except north. This spot was activated by Susanna K7SGP and Lance W7GJ on 6m during the 2015 Field Day weekend.

More details and photos at K7SGP and W7GJ Grid Expedition

Lemhi Pass is high and has a clear shot pretty much in all directions except due north, with the lowest horizons to the east and west. Lemhi pass in DN34gx is just barely south of the DN35/DN34 line. Surprisingly, there actually WAS a bit of cell phone coverage up there.

It also actually has 3 outhouses (one on the Montana side of the pass, one in the Sacajawea Memorial Picnic Area, and another on the Continental Divide just north of the pass), which were a very welcome convenience when you are camping there for 3 nights. Lance took a mountain bike for easy access to the facilities on Lemhi Pass, which were only 0.7 miles downhill from our operating site southwest of the pass. Because of the day use restrictions at the Sacajawea Memorial Picnic Area, on the Montana side southeast of the actual pass, we needed to set up on the Idaho side of the Continental Divide, just south of the day use area on the Idaho side. Lance set up on a knoll in Idaho just west of and overlooking the Continental Divide (which is also the border between Montana and Idaho at this point).

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