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Potential VHF rover sites in Oregon's grid CN76. Be careful.
The Oregon coast is a series of state parks, overlooks and beaches. Have fun.
CN76 dimensions are 95.2 by 69.2 miles.
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Fort Stevens State Park, CN76xf92

Latitude, Longitude
46.217302, -124.002900
Map Location Near city of Astoria, Clatsop County, OR, Altitude 10
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Last update: 2014-02-02
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

Fort Stevens State Park 1 Fort Stevens State Park 2 Fort Stevens State Park 3 Fort Stevens State Park 4 Fort Stevens State Park 5 Fort Stevens State Park 6 Fort Stevens State Park 7 Fort Stevens State Park 8

This is a parking lot in Fort Stevens State Park.

This is a wide area of flat land on the end of a spit, and the propagation in all directions is very good. The path to the north and northeast is over the Columbia river, so there is a good launch angle before you hit the distant coastal mountains.

Also see CN86 Fort Stevens only a mile away.

Driving directions: Take Highway 101 to the Fort Stevens entrance, 10 miles west of Astoria.
- At park entrance, get a park map at the ranger station. Local road signs are unhelpful.
- Go north on south jetty road.
- The CN76-CN86 line is about 100 yards south the turn off into Lot B.
- Use either Parking Lot B (preferred) or Lot C. Both are fully in CN76.
- I visited Lot C but it's quite busy in all seasons where people visit the raised observation deck.
- Don't use the Shipwreck spot, the parking area is very limited.

Restrictions: No fee to park out on the spit.
- Other day-use park areas require a permit, e.g., camping, Coffenbury Lake and Historic Military Site.
- Day use only, 6 am to 10 pm.
- Pets on leash. Metal detecting requires permit.

2014-2-1 update by Steve/KE7IHG:
I had a pleasant phone conversation with Teri Wing the manager at the park on Thursday afternoon.
The local Ham's have been using the park for field day for many years now and she has a good relationship with that group.
As for operating as a rover in the park, no permit is needed and no parking permit is needed for the parking area's on the spit as they are deemed "Beach access". If you would park at the lake or the military museum then you would need a parking permit.
If you put up an antenna that is not attached to the your vehicle then you need a permit.
We're welcome at the park.

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