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This page - Fern Hill - Nicolai Mtn - Fort Stevens State Park

Potential VHF rover sites in Oregon's grid CN86. Be careful.
This grid square spans two states. See also Washington CN86.
CN86 dimensions are 95.2 by 69.2 miles.
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Fern Hill, CN86mc01

Latitude, Longitude
46.088063, -122.998061
Map Location Near city of Rainier, Columbia County, OR, Altitude 710
Map See Google map, Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2013-02-08
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

Fern Hill 1 Fern Hill 2 Fern Hill 3 Fern Hill 4

There is a small slice of CN86 in Oregon. The main advantage is easy access and near to Portland for easy to make contacts in the metro center. The park itself has no altitude to speak of; drive uphill to the ridgeline to find an operating spot. From the valley there is easy return across the river into Longview, WA.

Don't use the Hudson-Parcher city park itself - it is deep in the valley with a high-tension power line. But the hilltop above has good propogation to Seattle and Portland.

Nicolai Mtn, CN86gc50

Latitude, Longitude
46.086194, -123.452220
Map Location Near city of Longview, Clatsop County, OR, Altitude 3046
Map See Google map, Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2020-06-20
Source: Earl N3EG Home Page
Comments by: Earl N3EG

Nicolai Mtn 1 Nicolai Mtn 2 Nicolai Mtn 3 Nicolai Mtn 4 Nicolai Mtn 5 Nicolai Mtn 6 Nicolai Mtn 7 Nicolai Mtn 8 Nicolai Mtn 9

Visited by N3EG during the 6 meter sprint in May 2002.

Also visited by Mark KE7MSU in the microwave sprint in May 2019.

Driving directions: From Earl N3EG in May 2002:
- Take highway 30 west from Longview.
- After Clatskanie, Westport, and Wauna, you will start up Bradley Hill.
- At the crest of the hill, look on the left for the first dirt road.
- As soon as you start up the road, you will see a cellsite on the left.
- Keep going and follow the main road up using CB channel 29.
- After 4.5 miles, you will want to keep right.
- You will see a rock with "OSU" painted on it if you're going the right way.
- At 5.5 miles you will see a rock pit on the right and start going downhill.
- This condition is normal - do not panic.
- After 8.5 miles you will see a rock pit on the left, and you will take a right up the hill.
- Stay right at the next intersection and you will be on Foster Hill road.
- Take the next right on Simonsen road and at the next intersection go straight.
- You will come to a gate - if it's locked, go left - otherwise, go straight.
- You will wind up at the site either way, but straight is better.
- Warning: On the way down, you'll find an annoying deceptive fork in the road. Go left.
- On the main line, you'll find another fork farther down - go right.

Fort Stevens State Park, CN86af14

Latitude, Longitude
46.226500, -123.990000
Map Location Near city of Astoria, Clatsop County, OR, Altitude 10
Map See Google map, Bing map, OpenStreetMap, Beam heading

Last update: 2013-02-19
Comments by: Barry K7BWH

Fort Stevens State Park 1 Fort Stevens State Park 2 Fort Stevens State Park 3 Fort Stevens State Park 4 Fort Stevens State Park 5 Fort Stevens State Park 6 Fort Stevens State Park 7 Fort Stevens State Park 8

This is a parking lot in Fort Stevens State Park.

This is a wide area of flat land on the end of a spit, and the propagation in all directions is very good. The path to the north and northeast is over the Columbia river, so there is a good launch angle before you hit the distant coastal mountains.

This is an excellent spot for watching huge cargo ships entering the Pacific Ocean, taking long walks on the beach and watching wildlife like birds and elk.

Also see CN87 Fort Stevens only a mile away.

Driving directions: In Oregon, drive north and west until you can't.
- Find Parking Lot D.

Restrictions: No fee to park out on the spit.
- Restroom but no other services.

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